Use cese – maps for the fire service

Description: A wall operational map is an absolute must in every headquarters of the State Fire Service. Most often, such maps are topographic maps on which, using pins and flags, they mark the location of all spots relevant to their activities (e.g. location of emergency and fire units, Emergency Rooms).

Problem: Unfortunately, topographic maps released by the National Geodetic and Cartographic Service fail to keep up with the economic and infrastructure development. For some areas, they have not made newer maps than these made in the coordinate system of “1965”. In view of numerous changes in the road, rail and power network, as well as the development of new estates, such maps fail to perform their functions. In addition, more and more fire brigades have access to digital data so putting them onto the map with pins is a huge step back.

Solution: GIS Support deals with the preparation of dedicated maps intended to be used by emergency and rescue services. The range of data presented in the printout is determined individually by a given Client and includes e.g. the location of the State Fire Service units and Volunteer Fire Brigades, along with the information about being part of the National Emergency and Fire Authority, hospitals and Emergency Rooms, water connection points, or power lines, classified by voltage. Depending on individual needs, maps are printed on paper or plastic film, which makes them more durable. The development of such maps may engage local Volunteer Fire Brigades, which makes it possible to achieve maximum compatibility between the content of the map and the actual situation in a given area. Our maps are always edited by people who have extensive practical knowledge of emergency and rescue services.